C.M.U offers a wide range of program to help youth
and young adult to help be the change in their community.


Mentoring: CMU provides trained peer specialist to deliver individual and group credible messenger mentoring for justice-involved and at-risk transitional age youth (14-24).


Prevention: CMU established the Credible Messenger Sports League (CMSL) to serve as an Alternative Peer Group (APG), where program youth can learn: Teamwork, Accountability, Problem-Solving and Communcation Skills.


Advocacy and Outreach: CMU provides advocacy training for program youth. to assist them in having their voices heard on policy issues important to them, their families and their communities.

Texas Youth Opportunities (TYO), was developed by youth for youth to elevate their voices and advocate for policy issues that impact their quality of life.

Training: CMU offers Youth and Young Adult Peer Support Training (YAYAPS) and Credible Messenger Mentoring Endorsement Training (CMM). Check for dates and times of upcoming trainings.

Programs: Strengths, Wellness, Advocacy an Goals (S.W.A.G) is a trauma-informed, holistic curriculum that incorporates peer support an evidence-based practice in which a Peer (a credible messenger with similar lived-experience) who provides mentorship and support for a you who is transitioning back into the community. A growing body of evidence indicates that peer support improves quality of life and supports recovery for individuals with behavioral health needs.

Alternative Peer Groups (APGs), Alternative Peer Groups are community-based, that offer social activities, counseling and case management for young people who are navigating wellness and recovery during transition from detention. APGs often include peer specialist as part of the staff, and they facilitate groups and provide one-on-one support. 

Texas Youth Opportunities (TYO),  is about listening to our transitional aged youth and giving them the access and support they need to elevate their voices and advocate for policy issues that impact their quality of life. 

Youth and Young Adult Peer Support Training (YAYAPS), YAYAPS training gives mentors, peer specialist and credible messengers basic instruction in the considerations and methods when supporting youth with behavioral health needs. Please check this space for updates on the next training.

Credible Messenger Mentor Endorsement Training (CMM), gives participants the foundation for the unique consideration of justice involved youth, many of whom are navigating transition from detention back into the community.